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Sarah M. Bosse

Sarah M. Bosse

Demographics: 26 year old female, USA
Occupation: A Little Bit of Everything
Religion: Protestant Christian
Interests: Serving in my church, Performing/Writing music, Writing poetry, American Sign Language, Camping, Staying connected with friends via email, Facebook, letters, and telephone.

The Purpose of This Blog:

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Sarah M. Bosse


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  1. trulygodsgrace said,

    1. Without my watch I’m seriously lost in space (and time).
    2. I’m really excited about American Sign Language and using it for God’s glory.
    3. Snow and ice scares me (because it makes me ache) – so let’s not talk about it.
    4. The way to my heart is through my esophagus.
    5. I love Chick-Fil-A and consider it a gourmet restaurant (just to let the fellas know for future reference).
    6. I have a wall in my bedroom dedicated to Chick-Fil-A. Picture to be posted soon. Thanks N. Hinds.
    7. I am learning how to be more organized.
    8. “Don’t Waste Your Life” is my motto (thanks John Piper).
    9. I love music of many different styles and will try almost any music two or three times before deciding if I like it or not.
    10. I play the flute, piccolo, drums (trap), tenor and soprano baroque recorders, fife, alto and baritone saxophones, and a few other woodwinds. Oh yeah, and I sing (with my voice and my hands).
    11. My dream job would be to work with Joni Eareckson Tada’s ministry, Wheels for the World!
    12. I believe that life is always worth living when your life is lived for the Lord!
    13. Sometimes I’m too wordy.
    14. I can’t drink soda or milk – only water and juice.
    15. I enjoy juggling lunastix and have juggled for several Renaissance feasts.
    16. My middle name is Michal, and I don’t like it.
    17. I used to be a very good rollerskater and could do some neat tricks.
    18. Camping is my ultimate favorite activity.
    19. I am often asked questions about my disability, and I usually don’t mind answering.
    20. I am a “Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant” and not a Physical Therapist.
    21. Will anyone be interested in reading this?
    22. I like to fix things, especially (other peoples’) computers.
    23. I want my first kiss to be on the altar after I say “I do”.
    24. Random….I can do.
    25. I am **so excited** about seeing Jesus in Heaven!!!!!

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