January 6, 2010

Haven’t Written Much Lately

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To those who actually keep up with my blog, I apologize! I haven’t written much lately, especially in the last two months or so. Please forgive me. Here are some things you can be praying for, for me:

* That a very close friend of mine who has cancer would endure and avail herself of God’s strength.
* That my brother’s upcoming wedding will go well and I’ll be prepared to play (flute) and the pianist will be ready too (she has a hand injury at a bad time!).
* That God would grow me in God-likeness so that my life is a pleasing sacrifice to my Maker.
* That I would get more hours of work and be able to begin working from home (quickly).
* That God would continue to help me use my time wisely during the day to His glory, that I would gladly accept the help He provides, and that I would take more delight in obedience.
* That I would endure and seek the Lord both during times of pain/discomfort and during times of ease, so that in all situations, my heart would be drawn to Him.

I hope to get back to writing devotionals, music, poetry, and all the rest soon. But it will probably be after the middle of January (after my brother’s wedding). Thanks for both your patience and prayers!! Maybe I’ll take a few minutes to throw ya’ll a bone (i.e. a short blog post besides this one). šŸ™‚

Sarah M. Bosse