December 6, 2010

Prayers In The Night – a prayer poem for a friend

Posted in Disability, Poetry, Prayer Request at 1:08 am by Sarah Bosse

Prayers In The Night
written for a friend
Friday, 5.29.09, 2:15am

Our prayers are that this night
you will receive peace and rest,
and wake in the morning fully refreshed
by the incomprehensible power of God.

The Lord goes before you
and you are not alone.
Your Heavenly Father adores you;
His child He will not give a stone.

Through all these days, years, months, and miles,
He has walked you through every fiery trial
For His own glory and your eternal good.

The Sovereign Lord who created the galaxies
Condescended to become human flesh.
Tempted and tried, hung on a cross to die,
Knowing all manner of grief and pain.

Yet three days later He rose again!
And we are granted life through His resurrection.
The power of God that raised Christ will raise us too
so that in this Christian life, we will be made new.

Turn to Him now and look upon His face,
and the world will grow dim in the light of His grace.

Hear your Savior interceding for you with perfect prayers,
pointing to His wounds, how He bought you fair and square.
No evil may touch you, no pain and no harm,
but that which the Lord allows; so do not be alarmed.
“Fear Not!” the Lord said to fearful disciples many a time;
“I control the wind and waves; they obey my voice and are mine.”

We obey Your voice and come to You right now;
before Your throne we humbly bow,
seeking Your face and the light of Your grace
to fill us with increased faith.

How grateful we are to have a high priest
Who knows that we are frail and weak,
who remembers that we are but dust
and loves us still; and so we trust His sovereign will.


Sarah M. Bosse


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  1. Merline said,

    Wonderful I love it . I just started writing poems for the Lord just a few months ago I love poems that God . Any way a fantastic poem I really am amazed .

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