December 6, 2010

Lord, Make Me A Thirsty Sea Sponge

Posted in Poetry, Prayer Request at 12:27 am by Sarah Bosse

Lord, make me a thirsty sea sponge.

Without nourishment the sea sponge has no potential on dry land.
But dip it into the River and watch as it expands.
Then it is full and leaking refreshing waters wherever it goes.
And when it is taken back to the dry shore,
It refreshes those to whom it is bestowed.
But bring it back again to its source of water flows
So that it can be used again to spread the fame of Him who dips and serves
and sows.

The sponge does not move of its own volition,
But of the will of the One who uses it for His will’s fruitition.
The sponge cannot grow legs, no not even if it tried.
It even needs the hands of the Master to squeeze out the filth,
to cause those rushing waters to come in and make it alive.

The sea sponge is a mighty creation because it’s thirst will never end.
Fill it up, wring it out, and it is thirsty yet again.
Let me never be, Lord, satisfied with the stale water that might sit inside.
Bring me back, bring me back, bring me back to that River of Life.

The River of Life is so deep and so wide that a whole host of sea sponges
Could never ever quench it’s awesome tide.
Let me never think that I’ve absorbed all of You there is to obtain
Lest you leave me on the dry shore and there forever I remain.

Sarah M. Bosse 9.2.05

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