July 6, 2010

Lighter Moments – Ode To My Massager

Posted in Lighter Moments at 8:17 pm by Sarah Bosse

Ode to my massager

    I love you dear massager
    This much is certainly true
    For when my back is aching
    I’m glad to sit upon you

    You know the meaning of tough love
    You find my every knot
    You leave me wincing the first time through
    And sometimes we have fought

    But how tender is your love, dear friend
    When all my knots release
    And a sigh of relaxation
    Ends my day with blissful ease

    How wonderful you are in the mornings
    When I’m loathe to get out of bed
    And how rejuvinating you are in the afternoons
    When a long day of work I dread

    And when they sun’s setting
    And the day is done
    Once again your rollers
    Will have spin and spun

    Massager, sweet massager,
    Never give up on me
    Keep working your heated magic
    Till I’ve got no more aches in me


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