June 29, 2010

Jesus and Judas – the wolf among the lambs and the Shepard

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Judas Iscariot

Judas Iscariot

Every year when I read that Jesus washed Judas’s feet (Jn 13), I am amazed.  Jesus’s humility is amazing, as well as the symbolism in this act.
Judas looked, by all accounts, like a disciple.  Even the disciples were not expecting Judas to betray Jesus in such a way, as evidenced by their thinking he was going to give money to the poor (v29).  Judas “fit in” and Jesus washed his feet too.  But Jesus knew that Judas was not spiritually clean and that in his heart there was a motive of betrayal (v10-11). (Interestingly, there is no record of Judas ever calling Jesus “Lord” in the Scriptures.)
This shows that man does not know the heart but God knows all things, and in the end, all will be revealed.  Those who are of God will be brought unto God and those who are not of God will be separated eternally from the love of God, enduring eternal punishment and the full fury and wrath of God.  Perhaps Psalm 64 gives insight into some of Jesus’s thoughts and prayers regarding Judas.
1 Sam 16:7; Jer 17:10-11; Matt 15:8-9; Prov 20:27; Prov 14:12; 1 Chron 38:9

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