May 13, 2010

A New Wrinkle On My Face

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There was this saying I once heard, not that I ever understood it, that went “A wrinkle in time saves nine.” What a wrinkle in time is and what the nine something’s are, I have no clue. But I figure perhaps by getting this new wrinkle on my face I’ve saved myself from nine others??? Wishful thinking? Well, I looked in the mirror today, saw it, and laughed out-loud! Of all places I could have a wrinkle, this is has shown up in probably the least surprising spot – directly between my eyebrows, running vertically just above my nose. I figure it’s there from all the hard thinking I’ve done over the years. I often furrow my brow when thinking. I also furrow my brow when in pain and, well, I suppose there are probably many other times that I’m unaware of when I furrow my brow. So I guess my brow muscles are so completely furrowed and perhaps so strong by now that they’ve decided to make a wrinkle to attest to their common usage. I imagine, if I ever have children, they will know not to mess with Mommy when her between-the-eyebrows wrinkle shows up and that if they started causing trouble (not that my hypothetical children would ever cause any form of trouble, mind you!!!) and the between-the-eyebrows wrinkle shows up suddenly, it’s probably a bad sign. Oh my…..*sigh.* The end of my 20’s seems to be approaching. 🙂 Good…maybe that means marriage is just around the corner! Ha!! The men better get me before the wrinkles do!!

Sarah Bosse

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  1. Sarah Bosse said,

    30 now, and while no more wrinkles, also no men. Haha.

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