April 11, 2010

No Shadows In Heaven

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Last week, I was working with a teenage girl on an art project in which she had to add shading to her drawing, and I explained to her how shadows work. To be able to draw a shadow properly, you must imagine the source of the light and the direction from which it emanates to determine the direction in which the shadow will be cast and the shadow’s length, width, and degree of darkness. Through simple observation we know that shadows change, however. But in a picture, a moment of time is captured and that shadow does not move or change.

This week, I was listening to several of my Sovereign Grace Music CD’s while driving in the car. One of the songs (“You Never Change”) had lyrics that said, “Father of lights, Giver of gifts. There is no shadow in You. … And You never change, and You never lie, Age to age You are the same. I will trust in You, all Your faithfulness, for I know You never change.” Another song (“The Glory of the Lamb”) has these lyrics: “A day is coming, coming soon, when we shall see Your face. And how our hearts are yearning for that outpouring of grace. When You take all the galaxies and roll them up like a scroll. When You make Heav’n and Earth anew and eternity unfolds. Then the glory of the Lamb will be all that we have longed to see, and we’ll praise Your splendor, majesty and might. There will be no darkness, be no night. We won’t need the sun or moon to shine. For the glory of the Lamb will be our light.”

As I was driving during a sunny afternoon, I was watching the shadows of the cars in front of me. I went under a bridge, and the shadow swept over my car briefly. Suddenly, all my thoughts about shadows during the last two weeks came together at that very moment and I thought aloud (a friend was riding with me in the car!), and with great excitement (in fact, I think I yelled by means of excitement…), “I DON’T THINK THERE WILL BE ANY SHADOWS IN HEAVEN!!” It came almost as a shock, but as I thought more about it and rolled the idea around in my small brain, it began to make more and more sense to me.

A shadow in a dark place is no longer called a shadow – it is just darkness. There is no darkness to be found in God, the Father of lights. God also never changes, and shadows change. The Bible does speak about God being the light of heaven and that there will be no need for the sun. In fact, there is no day and night in heaven – it is always bright. (Yea! – You should see how many lights I burn at night! In heaven, I won’t get a bill from Progress Energy for that!) For those of you who can’t sleep unless it is pitch dark, remember that you won’t be sleeping in heaven either! You won’t be tired! *Grinning!* Is it not possible, given the greatness of God’s glory and our inability to look at Him directly, that His glory would in fact fill every place and every space and give light in all directions so that no shadows could be cast? I believe it’s not only possible, but quite likely.

Anyways, I suppose this idea is something to consider when you think about heaven and the greatness and glory of God this week. In heaven, the shadows of the past are gone, and we will rejoice in the light of God’s truth and goodness.



  1. Eden said,

    Great post, I had never thought of it that way. God bless,


    Thorns and Myrtles

  2. Caleb said,

    I like sleeping and I like shadows, How is the night sky beautiful with stars in the dark, How could a sunset be beautiful if everything was fully lit? Dreams are a beautiful thing too.

  3. Wendy Weldon said,

    I just found your post from a Google search – something I’ve considered for a year or so – no shadows in heaven – and as an artist I just thought about what it must look like? Trying to picture any thing – any image, anything that I could draw or paint – without shadow or highlight???? What would ANYTHING look like?

  4. Patty Simmons said,

    I had a dream of heaven …. I noticed a different kind of light than what we are familiar with on earth. I noticed there were no shadows. I thought on this when I woke for several days ….. then it dawned on me …. Gods Light is a consuming Light …. His Light fills the expanse of everything ……….. there is no darkness in heaven. So agreed, there are no shadows in heaven. Hallelujah!!

  5. Sarah Bosse said,

    Thanks for writing, Patty! Your comment made my day! 😀

  6. Bev Marshall said,

    I just read your comments about No Shadows in Heaven. I agree. Just finished a book “Within Heaven’s Gates” by Rebecca Springer. I have questioned what she wrote about shadows, because I felt the same as you, that God is light and He is everywhere. How can there shadows?
    Enjoyed the words of the songs you mentioned. What a blessed thought. Thanks.

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  8. Carolyn in OC said,

    Thank you so much for this confirmation, I’ve had two different dreams of heaven and there are no words to describe the color or light. The colors have a deep intensity and hue I’ve never seen before. I was most struck with the lack of shadows. The light came from everywhere. When I awoke I had the scripture, “I am the light of the world”. And it made sense….His Light is not one directional but draws us from every angle according to our needs. Praise His Holy Name!!! (BIG smile here….and tears of gratitude) 🙂

  9. carole spaeth said,

    Many years ago I had a dream (vision?) that is as real to me today as the time when it occurred. I have pondered over and over about the lack of shadows in my dream. How can we see dimension without some sense of shadow? But I believe that our Lord Jesus is the Light that outshines all others, and there is no place in heaven – or on earth – where the light of his love cannot reach, and overcome the darkness (on earth). Thank you for these affirmations of what I, too, have experienced.

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