February 18, 2010

Great Specialty Products – Selling Gluten-Filled “GF” Bread Products to Celiacs

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Well, this is a sad incident to report and makes me much more wary of products and companies claiming to be “gluten free”. I had bought bagels from this company and when I ate them I said, “Oh my goodness! These are so good! How can they be gluten free?!” I was already sick from a previous glutening, so if I was glutened by these non-GF bread products, I wouldn’t have known the difference. I was in probably my second or third month of gluten-free living, and I know more now than I did then. But this story is really scary if gluten is a major problem for you because you have gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease.

Just a few nights ago, two days after being officially diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I woke up from very vivid nightmare, in tears. I dreamed that I had opened a bread bag, and oh…that bread was soooo soft and yummy, and I took the first bite. But before I swallowed it, I looked on the bag and realized “OH NO! IT’s NOT GLUTEN FREE!!” and I rushed to the sink to try to wash every single crumb out of my mouth and then cried because I didn’t know if I had just glutened myself. Granted, it was just a dream and when I woke up, tears soaking my face and pillow, I realized it was a nightmare. But it amazes me that someone could be so mean as to sell regular bread and target it specifically to Gluten-Free or Celiac consumers!

I’m sad to see those WONDERFUL TASTING bagels and breads go, but in another, much greater sense, I am all too happy to see them go. If it sounds too good to be true, then it is.

And if it tastes too good to be Gluten-Free, then it’s probably NOT Gluten-Free.

Here is how the story came out in the news, and you can find more information about it online.
Company: Great Specialty Products, Durham NC
Owner: Paul Seelig (also goes by other fictitious names)




Sarah Bosse

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