January 26, 2010

The Average Lifespan

Posted in Devotionals tagged , , , , , at 10:15 pm by Sarah Bosse

If I were to live the avgerage expected lifespan for a woman in the USA (79 years), I would live for about 28,835 days. Thus far, I’ve lived 9,405 days. I have used at least 32.6% of my life and 64.7% is potentially waiting. With 19,430 days left, how am I going to use them?

I will have to give an account for each one of those days.  I’ll have to give account for each one of those hours, minutes, and seconds that God gave me breath.  Perhaps He will ask me, “How did you use this second of time to glorify Me?”.  The question leads me to wonder how many of the seconds He gave me would be be left after all those wasted or idoled-away seconds burned up?

The normal resting human heartbeat is between 60 and 100 beats per minute.  God tells my heart to beat roughly once per second.  My very live and breath depend on His word.  And Jesus Christ paid for every second of my life when He died on the Cross for me.  How many of those heartbeats was another whip lashed across His back or another thorn pressed into His brow?  It is a mystery to me that God would bear the penalty of each sinful second of my life, and yet continue to uphold my life and preserve it both now and for eternity.  My mind is too small to fathom such mercy.  But I joyfully live with this mystery.

God, help me not to waste my seconds, my minutes, my hours, my days, my years, my life … because they are no longer mine, but YOURS.


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