December 10, 2009

10 Reasons Why God is Better Than Santa Claus

Posted in Stories tagged , at 11:12 pm by Sarah Bosse

Okay, ready? Here are my ten reasons for why God is better than Santa Claus!

1 God doesn’t partake in the sin of gluttony. God is the man who wears the big pants around here, but He is entitled given that He made the whole universe. And God doesn’t have to keep His pants up with suspenders – He just says “let my pants stay up!” and they do.

2 Santa may be charged with breaking and entering into your house (don’t ask me how he gets down the chimney, but at least we now have an explanation for the necessary suspenders when he climbs back UP the chimney). God is the Only One who can break and enter into stone-hard hearts.

3 Santa doesn’t accept returns. God takes returns and tells us to cast all our cares upon Him because He cares for us! What’s more, God always gives the perfect gift and there is no need for disappointment.

4 The happiness provided by Santa lasts perhaps days, hours, or even just minutes. We don’t even think about Santa in June – he gets forgotten, as sweaty Santas are generally unwelcome. The genuine JOY of knowing the True God is eternal and fulfilling all-year-round.

5 God doesn’t face any economic crises. Santa’s belt might be cinched a tad tighter this year, but God’s giving never ends and His mercies are “new every morning”.

6 Santa better feed his reindeer lots of beans the night before Christmas or they won’t have enough gas to get around the world and back. God has no transportation concerns and can be in every place at once, including inside your heart. He could have Santa’s job done in one millionth of a millisecond.

7 Santa is limited to the creations of his elves and workshop, as well as time constraints. But God made YOU, which proves His creativity…(I’m tempted to add a joke about breaking the mold, but I won’t). God owns the cattle on a thousand hills (i.e. EVERYTHING), so you can expect a cow for Christmas…or at least a burger (oh, wait, God prefers Chick-Fil-A!). And God is the ruler of all history, so He has no deadlines. Speaking of that (whispering so as not to bother the little ones…”does Santa die?”).

8 God has a good sense of humor and knows when to laugh (book of Esther, anyone?). Santa just laughs at everything. “Ho Ho Ho!”

9 Santa has us fixated on earthly things that will rust, rot, be stolen, and eventually be destroyed or left behind when we die (and go to heaven or hell). God wants us to make HIM OUR TREASURE and to store up for ourselves treasures in heaven where moth and rust do not destroy and where thieves cannot break in and steal. Where our treasures are, there our hearts will also be.

10 Santa makes a list and checks it twice to see if you’ve been naughty or nice and gives you gifts based on your goodness or badness. God knows that we are all defiled and utterly depraved sinners, yet God gives His free gift of Mercy to all who will believe. You may believe in Santa, which at least puts you on his radar, but if you’re naughty, you’re getting a lump of coal. For the one who does not believe in Christ, God will give him burning coals for eternity. But for the Christian who believes that Jesus Christ is God and that Jesus literally died for him and was risen from the dead as the accepted sacrifice for his sin, God looks at the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ as that person’s righteousness and no longer counts his sins against him. Santa can’t save your soul.

While reading this list, you probably came up with some clever and true ways in which God is better than Santa. What were your thoughts? Please post them in the comments section. After you post your comment, please wait a day or two so that I can read and “approve” it before you send it again. It will appear after I have read it and given it two antlers-up.

Merry Christmas!

Sarah M. Bosse


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