March 22, 2009

Bringing Chaos To Order In My Life – Prayer Request

Posted in Prayer Request at 8:49 pm by Sarah Bosse


I’m asking for your prayers tonight.  I have a tendency of avoiding structure and discipline.  It’s a life-long habit, and one that’s more destructive than helpful.  I am making out a weekly schedule for myself because my work hours are now more concrete, and I’m asking you to pray that I would exercise the self-control God is more than willing to give me so that I will follow this very detailed schedule for each day.  The idea is that following a schedule will create some order in my life to organize the chaos so that I can be more productive with my time, thoughts, daily energy use, and ministry.  By scheduling my time, I can also plan more effectively for consistent Quiet Time with Father.  

I’ve been making marked improvements to keeping my room clean and picked up (wonderful!) so that I can think more clearly and eating a healthier diet to improve my health and take proper care for this body God has given me.  I believe that having a very structured schedule and sticking to it is an important way that I can honor God with the way I use my time each day.  God is the one who gives me each breath and heartbeat.  He’s ordained for us all a finite number of heartbeats before we meet Him face to face.  Between now and my Heaven-coming, I want to use each one to glorify my Lord.  Purposefully using my the time He has given me requires being organized so that I’m less overwhelmed.  Personal organization is not my strong suit, however, so this is a huge challenge for me.  

So please pray for and with me, that I will press into God and His plan for the use of the time He’s called me to be here on Earth, glorifying Him.  Feel free to keep me accountable and ask me how I’m doing in this area.  You can add a prayer that I’ll be humble and honestly admit the successes and failures of each week when asked.  

Thank you, friends!


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