March 12, 2009

Small Enough – Nicole Nordeman, Lyrics

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This is an interesting song.  The contrasts here between feelings of distance from God and confirmation of the Truth of God’s great power in history point out the mystery of His mingled greatness, humility, and condescention.  The assurance of God’s personal care for the poet seems confirmed simply by the greatness of His acts throughout history as referenced in the song.  More specifically, God always stayed with and guided Israel, sinful and disobedient Israel, through their captivity and years of wandering.  He was God over All.  And it’s the same with us.  He takes us, sinful as we are, and guides us and draws us to Himself.  In this there is evidence of a personal God – our Father!  But the true beauty in this song, I think, is the fact that the poet seems to have a grasp of God’s willingness to hear her prayers even though He is GOD!  He crosses the expanse between fallen man and His own perfection to meet us.  And He desires to meet with His children, hear their prayers, and give them a vision of Himself.  


Nicole Nordeman Small Enough Lyrics:

Oh, great God
Be small enough to hear me now
There were times when I was crying
From the dark of Daniel’s den
And I had asked you once or twice
If you would part the sea again

Tonight I do not need a 
Fiery pillar in the sky
Just want to know you’re gonna
Hold me if I start to cry

Oh, great God
Be small enough to hear me now
Oh, great God
Be close enough to feel me now
(Oh great God be close to me)

There have been moments when I could not face
Goliath on my own
And how could I forget we marched
Around our share of Jericho’s

But I will not be setting out
The fleece for you tonight
Just wanna know that everything will be alright

Oh, great God
Be close enough to feel me now

Oh, praise and all the honor be
To the God of ancient mysteries
Whose every sign and wonder
Turn the pages of our history

But tonight my heart is heavy 
And I cannot keep from whispering, whispering
Are you there?

And I know you could leave writing
On the wall that’s just for me
Or send wisdom while I’m sleeping
Like in Solomon’s sweet dreams

I don’t need the strength of Sampson
Or a charoit in the end
Just wanna know that you still know 
How many hairs are on my head

Oh, great God
(Are you small enough)
Be small enough to hear
Me now

Credits:  Nordeman, Nichole Ellyse [Songwriter]  
Shaw, Stephanie D [Songwriter]
ARIOSE MUSIC [Publisher]

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  1. iheartfilm said,

    Very touching. God is good.


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