March 3, 2009

Starting with Simple Thanks

Posted in Devotionals, Prayer Request, Stories, Update at 12:26 am by Sarah Bosse

Sometimes it is hard to be grateful and to thank God.  In my heart and mind, I’m a complainer – I always see things lacking and note ways they can be “improved” (or so I think!).  But God desires to exercise our hearts and minds and bend them toward thanksgiving.  So I try to pick out one or two things each day and thank God for those things.  I pick different things each day; I often start off small.  

“Thank you, Lord, for heat in my home.  And thank you for a car that runs so I can get to work.”  

I start off with the physical.  And after a while, I find that my mind goes beyond the physical and I’m drawn to think of the spiritual blessings I have in Christ.  

“Thank you, Lord, for my salvation!  Thank you for the strength that you have given me today to resist temptation.”  

Today’s thanksgivings are simple, but I wanted to share them with you.  I wish I could give a big hug and lots of thanks to everyone who has prayed for me!  Today was an incredible day.  I had a good interview with a family for whom I may soon be providing CAP services.  And God gave me such a joy today when working with my current CAP client.  I see God’s grace in this boy’s life and I watch him mature and grow daily.  Today was a reminder of why I love being a CAP worker!  

Equally wonderful today was God’s blessing on my body.  Today is the first day since sometime in November that I feel rather “normal” – meaning, I don’t have (at very least) annoying or very bad pain in my back, legs, or other parts of my body…or other health problems.  I had a few zaps of sciatica and a little back pain a few times during the day, but other than that, I have felt really good today.  My energy to get through the day lasted me all day!  I know that I am blessed and I feel God’s kindness to me.  To God be the glory!  

You see, I do not deserve to be free of pain.  Don’t take this lightly!  I do not say it lightly!  Hear the full weight and meaning of what I’ve just said.  Imagine it.  I often live with chronic pain day and night.  It feels like my body is being eaten away from the inside out and falling apart most days.  That is no exaggeration.  But in my sin, I deserve to be cast into Hell.  I deserve to do backstrokes in the Lake of Fire.  I deserve the punnishment that Jesus took upon Himself – to be spat upon, beaten until unrecognizable, staked to a tree, a crown of thorns causing a fresh stream of blood to run down, forsaken by friends and by God, poured out as a drink offering and broken as a burnt offering.  No anguish, no grief, no sorrow could ever be compared to that of my Lord and Savior! – NONE!  

Hallelujah – I am free, for the Lamb has borne it all for me!  And because He was stricken for me, died for me, and was raised to newness of life, I too can be raised with Him!  What could be better?  THERE IS NO BETTER NEWS TO THIS POOR SINNER’S EAR!  I am FORGIVEN and LOVED by GOD!

As I said, I do not deserve to be free of either earthly pain or eternal pain and suffering of every sort.  But because the requirements of God’s perfect Justice were met in Christ, God’s uncontainable Mercy flows over me through Christ so that I will never bear the punishment for my sin.  Instead, I have received Grace – and Grace Abounding!!  I must be the richest of all mankind, or so I feel!  Because Jesus is my joy, my peace, my all!  

For any relief of any pain I receive while on this earth, and for all joy and goodness I will experience in the presence of Christ both on this earth and in Heaven, I give all glory and praise to God my Father!  He alone is worthy!


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