February 28, 2009

Longing to be with Christ – Olney Hymns

Posted in Devotionals, Hymns / Songs / Lyrics at 10:15 pm by Sarah Bosse




To Jesus, the Crown of my hope,
My soul is in haste to be gone:
O bear me, ye cherubim, up,
And waft me away to his throne!


My Saviour, whom absent I love,
Whom, not having seen, I adore;
Whose name is exalted above
All glory, dominion, and power;


Dissolve thou these bonds, that detain
My soul from her portion in thee;
Ah! strike off this adamant chain,
And make me eternally free.


When that happy era begins,
When array’d in thy glories I shine,
Nor grieve any more, by my sins,
The bosom on which I recline:


Oh, then shall the veil be removed,
And round me thy brightness be pour’d;
I shall meet him whom absent I loved,
I shall see whom unseen I adored.


And then, never more shall the fears,
The trials, temptations, and woes,
Which darken this valley of tears,
Intrude on my blissful repose.


Or, if yet remember’d above,
Remembrance no sadness shall raise;
They will be but new signs of thy love,
New themes for my wonder and praise.


Thus the strokes which from sin and from pain
Shall set me eternally free,
Will but strengthen and rivet the chain
Which binds me, my Saviour, to thee.


 From the Olney Hymns by William Cowper and John Newton, in public domain.





  1. Emma said,

    Hey I love this blog. I can see the time and effort put into this.. Thanks!

  2. trulygodsgrace said,

    Thank you, Emma, for your gracious comment. I am glad you enjoy these ponderings. : )

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