February 7, 2009

When Cuteness Is Overwhelming; Sabre, Shetland Sheepdog. Saying Goodbye.

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Sabre, the family dog.  Unbearable cuteness!

Sabre, the family dog. Unbearable cuteness!


This is my parents’ dog, Sabre, who I grew up with – he is our family pet.  This is such a CUTE picture!  I think I projected a half-shrieking “Awwwww!” when I saw it because the cuteness simply overwhelmed me!!  He was in the tub after a bath when my brother snapped this picture.  He’s a Sheltie and really puffy and fluffy when dry, but he looks kinda like a little drowned rat when he’s wet!  But just toooooo cute!!!!!  This will keep me smiling for a month I do believe, and when it wears off I’ll just whip out this picture and laugh and “Awwww” all over again.

As I was telling a teenage boy this week in an attempt to explain my enthusiastic reaction to the cuteness of a picture of a fuzzy little ferret, “Girls always love cute fuzzy animals with little beady eyes and cuddly softness.”

For any guys reading this blog, I apologize – this post may be too cute for you to handle.  For the rest of the dog lovers (and cat haters) out there (waiting to get hairballed by cat lovers on the coments page)…let’s thank God for the friendship and loyalty of dogs and how they remind us of our purpose to worship and serve the Creator selflessly!

(P.S.  I love ya, Sabre!)


Yesterday, Sabre went to doggie heaven.  He’s been such a good dog, and I appreciate the comfort, gentleness, playfulness, and love he’s shown me since my childhood.  I hope he is licking God’s feet in heaven, chasing lazer pointers (and barking every time he turns around), playing with Ruxpin (my other childhood dog), enjoying all the kinds of tasty food he couldn’t eat while he was here, enjoying being able to see clearly and hear well and not get lost, playing with someone’s hands (he liked to play games with my hands instead of toys!), going on walks with Ruxpin (he used to hold Ruxi’s leash sometimes!), getting lots of petting and love, and enjoying not being lonely anymore.  I’ll miss him very much.  I know why people often say dogs are “man’s best friend;” Sabre showed me.

Goodbye, Sabre.  You’ve been a good boy, and I hope you know that!  Thank you.

And Sabre, you’re still the only one allowed to call me “Sissy”.



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  1. MR Collins said,

    Really enjoy your writing and I am sorry to hear you lost Sabre. He IS unbearably cute, but then I’m partial to Shelties. I do believe we’ll see them again in Heaven. But it is so hard to lose them in the meantime. They have so much personality and they are the personification (or pup-ification – as I call it!) of what God must mean when he talks about unconditional love. Dogs exhibit so much enthusiasm, love, trust and loyalty. Hope God comforts your family till you see Sabre again and sends a new little pup to take care of in the meantime. You’re a good writer. Thanks for sharing! – Mich

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