February 7, 2009

My Worth and Value: A Non Identity Crisis with Identity Rooted in Christ

Posted in Devotionals, Prayer Request at 10:40 pm by Sarah Bosse

Another job interview fell through earlier this week, so that was disappointing and somewhat disheartening.  It is at moments like these that I’m so grateful to God that my value and worth is not based on my income, my job (or lack thereof!), my “intelligence,” beauty, or any other thing that is:

1) fleeting and will not last (external beauty fits in this category for sure, and some of us have less of it to start off with anyway);

2) able to be taken away or stolen (income may be stolen, jobs may be lost, and intelligence may be robbed by Alzheimer’s or a car accident resulting in a Traumatic Brain Injury) and;

3) meaningless (when I die and stand before God, my income, job, intelligence, beauty…won’t count for squat).  

Instead, my value and worth is very simply based on the Love that God has for me, which will not and cannot change!  It’s based on the fact that God accepts me because Jesus died for me and for my sins!  When I am thinking rightly of God and the value of my salvation, I feel I am the most blessed human who has ever lived because I have received pardon, grace, and mercy from God.  I am the last to deserve it!  But that is the whole point!  I have received the undeserved, unmerited favor of God, based not on what I have done but on what HE has done!  And Praise Be To God for the Great things He has done!  



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