February 2, 2009

Lighter Moments – Are you smarter than Obama?

Posted in Stories at 12:07 am by Sarah Bosse

I saw this picture ad on my Facebook page, and had to laugh.  


Obama IQ Facebook Ad

Obama IQ Facebook Ad

The ad has a headline reading “Obama’s IQ is 130” and a picture of him below with appears to be a (perhaps Photoshopped) cigarette butt hanging out of his mouth.  The ad continues with “Are you smarter then [sic] the President?”  Evidently the person who wrote this ad isn’t smarter than the president, or he/she would have recognized his/her typo.  The next line in the ad has me equally baffled.  “Most people can’t get past the last question, can you?”  Besides the use of improper grammar, what does this question imply?  Most people can’t get past….  Does this mean they cannot answer the previous question with certainty and therefore are assumedly less intelligent than the President?  Or does it assume that you want to know whether or not you’re smarter than the President so badly that this half-unverifiable fact/question is challenging you to ‘click here ( – I dare ya!)’?


I laughed hardest when I realized I was already past both questions – I don’t care to know whether or not Obama is smarter than me.  Intelligence is overrated, as it is always culturally defined.  The fisherman in Africa might not be able to read or write or tell you the names of all the states in the USA (then again, most beauty pageant contestants can’t even do that!).  But if you find yourself out in water at night, in that fisherman’s small boat, you will appreciate his intelligence which allows him to guide that little boat (and your clueless self) back to shore.  All your literacy and book smarts probably won’t do you a lick of good in that situation.  Nor will his intelligence do you much good in downtown Manhattan – do you see any fish?

All that to say: Silly ad (which I did not click), and “I’m past that last question.”  Come on, Facebook!  Please sponsor some more intelligent ads.


  1. Brt said,

    I don’t think facebook aims for intelligent ads, they want clicks. Just like nearly all the “celeb” news we gobble up for example, it’s fluff… should we care what so-and-so wore to some event… Or some “offensive” thing they’ve done that we ourselves have done 100 times? Especially in light of ‘real’ news going on around us? But we do, and we love to click it, so it dominates America’s front page news. I can only speak to American media, could be a world wide thing for all I know

  2. Bry said,

    “Brt” 🙂

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