February 2, 2009

Dual Citizenship / What He Bought / Our Response – Sowing the Word

Posted in Devotionals, Poetry, Prayer Request at 1:44 am by Sarah Bosse

I wrote this poem in three segments, each with their own title.  


Dual Citizenship


I am torn and my body is worn;

The pain eats me away.

Yet my mind is stayed on Christ,

And from His side I dare not stray.


I am a citizen in another world;

A world in which my Father reigns.

This earthly shell is not my home;

On this soul the Lord staked His claim.


From now until I go Home to rest

In peace and joy sublime,

I’ll live for His will and work to be done;

Onward I strive to reach the finish line.



What He Bought


Come now, and consider 

What the Lord has purchased for us all.

Though for our sin we deserved destruction,

He has rasomed us from our fall.


We are not ransomed to an eternal abyss,

Absent of the presence of God!

We will exalt Him in full gratefulness

Once sin underfoot He has trod.


Oh, come closer, and whet your appetite,

For the things that He purchased were not free!

But the Lord who does all things well

Has surely bought them all for thee!


“This freedom you speak of, what is this?

What is this I have received?

Please tell me what the Lord has done 

And what He has purchased for me.”


Freedom from sin and freedom from death;

Freedom from fear and from pain.

Freedom from longing for anything but Christ

And freedom to praise His holy name!


On that day when you go to be with the Lord,

The hope of your faith will become sight.

Like Joseph, you’ll see that God intended for good 

What seemed so evil and hard to bear in this life.


As you consider your sufferings,

They will melt away and fall apart,

And “Joy, Joy, unspeakable Joy!”

Will be the one song of your heart.


The Joy that will fill you is the Joy of the Lord;

Unhindered communion with Him.

That Joy is not an empty worldly happiness;

It will never be stained or polluted by sin.


It fills you and spills, overflowing 

So that you’re unable to express

The fullness of this Joy perfectly

Rooted in God’s own joyfulness.


When we’re washed away in Joy 

For the very first time,

It will be as deep as the millionth wave 

That captivates our hearts and minds.


Oh to plunge the depths of God,

To know Him as He is!

All eternity could not contain 

Nor describe the power that is His!


All Joy, all Peace, all Love is ours;

This is what His blood bought.

Perfect communion in His presence;

Nothing more will need be sought.


Lord, do not tarry!

Come quickly our way!

Make ready Your people 

for that final day!



Our Response – Sowing the Word


But hush now for a moment

To consider your blessed lot.

You’re a Chosen One, a Child of God

Because it was you He besought.


But what of those who have not heard,

Who have not seen the Light?

The lives they live right now on earth

Is all they’ll know of the heavens bright.


Lives filled with mingled joy and sorrow

Will be all the goodness they will ever taste and see.

How can we neglect those who need to hear

When we know we’ve been given all eternity?


Waste not the day, nor the hour, nor the minute.

Bring the Living Word into your homes.

Then scatter the Seed in your land and abroad 

And pray that God will bring the strangers home.


Shrink back not for fear of persecution!

Citizens of Hope, this is your call!

Become like Him in His sufferings, 

Receiving His resurrection power,

For our Lord drank the full cup of wrath and gall!


Count all your earthly gain as loss,

And give it up! for the Kingdom comes

To give death to those who cling to this life

And to give life to those who lose this life for Christ.


So as we walk this very finite line,

While we are here on borrowed time,

Let us press on, leaving what’s behind,

To latch onto the upward call of God in Christ.


Sarah M. Bosse  2/02/09  1:40am



  1. Matt Promise said,

    Thanks, Sarah! That poem was clearly written by a young woman (you!) who knows and loves the Lord, is familiar with solid doctrine, and desires that all might delight in God as Savior, King and eternal Friend. May it inspire us to be less concerned with the temporary distractions of this life, and more concerned with the lost around us.

  2. trulygodsgrace said,

    Thank you, Matt. I appreciate your encouragement.

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