January 10, 2009

Why did Jesus die?

Posted in Devotionals at 11:14 pm by Sarah Bosse

Tonight I want to share with you a gem of a message I heard while driving this evening, delivered by Dr. Stephen Olford, titled “(I want an answer) Why did Jesus die?”  When you click the link to listen, remember two things:  there was nothing particularly attractive about Jesus – he was not rich, nor was he apparently handsome – that would have caused men/women to be drawn to him based on earthly status alone (Isaiah 53:2); and Paul, that great writer of Romans and other New Testament books, was a poor speaker (2 Corinthians 10:10).  These two men – one a saved sinner and the other both Man and God – were humble in appearance and form, yet the words they spoke were Life and Truth, and had the power to separate spirit and flesh (Hebrews 4:12).  Life came in a humble package.  This audio recording is not of very good sound quality, and I believe it was recorded quite a long time ago, but the Truths Dr. Stephen Olford presents are timeless and unchanging.


This sermon by Dr. Stephen Olford explains how Jesus’ death was:

* Voluntary

* Vicarious

* Verified

* Victorious


\”(I want an answer) Why did Jesus die?\”


To download and listen to more sermons by Stephen Olford, click here.

You can order more sermons like the ones above by clicking here.


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