January 2, 2009

Lighter Moments – PUMPING the IRONy

Posted in Stories, Update at 2:02 am by Sarah Bosse

Getting exercise when I’m not supposed to be putting much weight into my legs is not easy.  When my arms are double-tasking, I get a great upperbody workout!  But everything south suffers.  Atrophy is one of my most HATED words, and I spend considerable thought energy in finding ways to battle against it.  



Pedal Exerciser

Tonight, I sat in my kitchen with my little pedal exerciser, pedaled my little heart away – forwards, backwards, forwards, backwards –  and went nowhere.  Gratefully, though my pedal exerciser wasn’t going to help me get to the grocery store, my imagination took over enough to fill in what was missing.  I had just finished dinner, so my plate and other dinner artifiacts still covered the table.  My imagination took off and I became Lance Armstrong in le Tour de France, fighting up mountainous inclines, sweat pouring down my forehead, my lean and toned figure perched gracefully on my formula one bicycle, whizzing around corners and down hills at break-neck speeds.  I stuffed another Milky-Way Mint Mini into my mouth.  As I pedaled, I continued to munch on various and sundry things.  Suddenly, I became Michael Phelps in the 2008 olympics, swimming my last lap to win my second medal, hearing the astonishment in the crowd’s gasps as I come up for a breath.  I pop a starburst into my mouth and exercise my jaw while I exercise my legs.  Finally, I wonder what it must have been like to train as an astronaut for a mission to the moon.  They must be in peak physical condition before they can go on a ride like that.  I wonder if I could ever endure the training?  


As I stuff another candy piece into my mouth, reality hits.  Here I am, exercising as I eat candy.  Instead of making substantial strides towards physical fitness, I’m probably burning less calories than I am currently ingesting.  I begin pedaling with more fervor.  Is my exercising pointless?  Has the candy “undone” my efforts?  


While I push myself to pedal twice as fast to make up for the candy (still eyeing my favorite flavor of starburst), I can’t help but remember the Cathy comic strips and feel as though I’d make a better non-attending member of Cathy’s gym than a rider in le Tour de France.

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