December 30, 2008

Lighter Moments – Runaway

Posted in Update at 3:32 pm by Sarah Bosse

I’ve decided to occasionally write down the funny things that happen when dealing with a mobility impairment.  If I can’t laugh at myself, then who can?  I bought a rolling walker at my church’s yard sale this past summer, thinking it might help me carry things when getting around the house and perhaps when shopping.  When using crutches, both hands are busy “walking” and when using a wheelchair, I’m unable to exercise my legs, so I like the idea of using a walker to get things done.  This walker and I have an avoidance-based relationship, however.  I took several hours to disassemble the walker, oil and clean it all up and put it back together.  The brakes don’t really work and there is no way to lock them.  But other than that, it rolls well and generally gets the job done.  I especially like the basket on the front.  

Our kitchen and house in general is a bit uneven.  The floors slope, which makes playing marbles very fun!  I was cooking in the kitchen this week and turned towards the counter, letting go of the walker entirely so I could assemble my gourmet masterpiece.  I was really getting into this cooking thing – the food smelled good and I was really hungry.  After a minute or two, I turn around, grabbing for my walker, nearly falling over as I reached for a stable object was no longer there!  My walker had the nerve to ride the slope in my kitchen and run away from me!  So there I was, stuck basically in the middle of the kitchen with my walker at the other end.  Oops.  

What did I do?  I started laughing.  I pointed my scolding finger at my walker and began talking to it, “You little scoundrel.  I knew you had a bad streak in you!  You just wait till I get over there and…!”  (When you’re home alone almost all day, you start talking to random objects.)  Well, it sure did have to WAIT till I made it over there because it took me a while!  But in the end, all was well and I had laughed myself silly for the day.

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