November 9, 2008

Post-Election America

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This was an interesting article by Francis Frangipane, that I thought you might find thought- and prayer-provoking.  Tomorrow, given more time, I hope to share with you some of my summarized notes on a message Pastor Sasser at Sovereign Grace Church in Apex, NC presented to the Undivided singles’ ministry tonight.



The Day the Lord Has Made 
by Francis Frangipane 
(En Español

At any given moment there exists, at the doorway to the future, two possible realities. The first realm is a darkened world born as a consequence of sin. It’s ongoing rebellion toward God, coupled with the unredeemed events of the past, make this reality an extension of hell. Here, conflicts and wars become more wide spread; in this realm, morality degrades into depravity. Yes, and among those who would make a difference, the grip of fear immobilizes their actions. It is of this demonically manipulated world that the scripture tells us to walk circumspectly for “the days are evil” (Eph. 5:16). 

Yet, there is another reality, a different “day” that is also accessible to mankind. This second realm is the “prayed for” version of the first reality. It, too, stands ready to reveal itself. This realm is full of miracles, heavenly reversals of evil plots, and divine intervention. Here, sin is confronted, strongholds topple, and iniquity is redeemed by the power of Christ. The enemy who came in one way, flees seven ways in the brightness of this unfolding reality. Scripture has a name for this realm as well. It is called “the day which the Lord has made,” and we are commanded to “rejoice and be glad in it” (Ps. 118:24). 

Since time began, both of these realities have always existed. The Scriptures bear witness to numerous occasions when people have cried out to God and found the Almighty a willing ally in transforming their culture. When the Israelites humbled themselves, repented and prayed, and sought again the face of God, the Lord intervened, restored their land, and scattered their enemies. 

Yet, this promise was not for Israel only. Consider also the ancient Ninevites. When they humbled themselves and embraced fasting and prayer, the day of mercy dawned upon their culture as well. In just three days, their entire city went from a people cursed to a people revived and blessed. 

Recent Elections 
I’m talking about walking into either of two realities because after recent elections many Christians are depressed. My friends, let me remind you: the future of our nation is not determined by an election, but by the faith of the elect. If we continue to pursue God, humbling ourselves and not giving up on our intercession, God can turn this nation toward Him in remarkable and powerful ways. 

Yet, let me qualify my observation that “Christians are depressed.” I should have said, “A number of white Christians are depressed.” The fact is, Barack Obama’s victory has filled most African Americans with a profound sense of joy. Indeed, the election of a black president by a majority of Americans from all backgrounds, says that the American dream is coming to pass. 

Consider the words of our Pledge of Allegiance. Remember, our allegiance is not merely to the flag, but for the “republic for which it stands.” Our pledge of allegiance is for “one Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.” 

The dream called “America” is becoming reality. Even now, with a black man ascending the seat of authority in this nation, hope is swelling in places bound by hopelessness. This breakthrough of racial healing, beloved, has long been on the heart of God. Although there will always be extremists and racists on both sides of the cultural divide, we are at a new beginning in America. 

Regardless of who was elected president, the problems facing America are staggering. Threats of economic collapse, conflicts around the world, plus the possibility of a new cold war all await the president-elect. We must pray for him on these major issues, for in his success will be our success (Jer. 29:7). 

So, my appeal is that we not be unbelieving as this new day unfolds. Rather let us lift our eyes to the possibilities of God. We have a great opportunity to stand in the gap for our new president and intercede. If we stay the course, we will enter the day the Lord has made, and breakthroughs previously unimaginable will come. 

Many Questions 
I know that what I am presenting will offend the political and even moral sensibilities of many of my friends. Many will ask, What about Obama’s staunch pro-choice voting record? 

I was a Christian for several years before the Holy Spirit revealed the horror of abortion. It happened in a moment. Perhaps someone was praying for me, but God got through. Likewise, I believe God can get through to our new president. Let’s take faith that Jesus Christ could lift president Obama’s conscious to the “pay grade” where abortion becomes reprehensible to him. 

Let me also say that America did not turn liberal; the majority of Americans in our nation are still right of center. Even in California, voters banned gay marriage. Democrats won because they fielded many candidates that were not liberal but moderates and centrists. They drew upon the discouraged independent and moderate Republican voters, people who felt betrayed or at least let down by the Republican leadership. However, the morality of the nation did not change. 

What about Israel? Will the new president turn against the Jews? 

The first cabinet position chosen by president-elect Obama was given to Rahm Emanuel. Emanuel is a hard charger, very clever Chicago politician. While partisan, he also is more a centrist rather than a left wing extremist. What you may not have known about him is that he is Jewish. His father immigrated to America from Jerusalem and was a former member of the Irgun, a militant Zionist group active in the British Mandate of Palestine between 1931 and 1948. There is no guarantee that Emanuel will defend Israel, but for those of us who see the possibilities created by divine influence, it is not hard to pray for continued support of Israel by America. I might be wrong, but I do not believe Rahm Emanuel, whose family is very active in their Chicago synagogue, would abandon the Jews nor Jerusalem. I think we can pray with confidence that his counsel as chief of staff would be to stand with Israel during these difficult times. 

Both Wings 
You have heard me say many times that I believe the great eagle spoken of in Revelation 12 is possibly a prophetic reference to the United States. The fact is, the eagle which Scripture describes as a place of refuge and protection, needs both wings to fly: the right wing and the left. What if this election offers us the possibility to heal the divisions between cultures? To bring hope to our inner cities and actually begin to rise toward our destiny? 

I’m not saying I agree politically or morally with everything that Barack Obama believes, but you’ll remember that one of his initial plans was to bring God and religion into the Democratic Party. He fought the influences of those in his party who had rejected Christianity and he sought to make the Democratic party a place where faith could exist and even flourish. 

So, dear friend, it is not a time to despair; it is time to pray with vision and with hope. If all you see is a “cloud the size of a man’s hand,” then pray with the faith of Elijah that a mighty outpouring of grace may fall. Let us give God the chance to bring into our world a blessed, prayed-for reality. 

One word for those who fear we have elected the antichrist, let me remind you that the evidence that identifies the antichrist is that he dies from a wound in the head and then is miraculously raised to life (see Rev. 13). Until such a sign exists, we should pray for our leaders with confidence. 

One last thing about Rahm Emanuel. His family chose the surname Emanuel when they were fighting for Israel’s freedom in Palestine (see personal life: Rahm Emanuel – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). The name Emanuel means, “God with us.” I am not naive to assume revival will come easy, but it will never come if we lose faith. Beloved, trust God. All things are possible, even seeing these very days transformed into the day which the Lord has made.

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