October 9, 2008

The Winds of Change are Blowing

Posted in Update at 4:33 am by Sarah Bosse

There is a lot of adjustment that I need to make to my new situation.  I’m feeling so wonderful.  It really has flipped my world upside down.  After I get a better grip on it, I’ll try to write about the experience with more detail.  Every day is filled with discoveries of things I can now do that I couldn’t do for a long time.  This is AMAZING!
A note written to a friend…
What an exciting day I’ve had!  Today I did something I didn’t think I would ever be able to do again.  Hope you’re sitting down (’cause you will be once you hear this!).  Today, I walked 1.2 miles at a brisk pace (well, brisk for me, but not sure how I’d stack up to most people), only pausing once to peer through the window of an antique shop and gawk at an antique piece that captured my eye (but that will never capture my wallet).  When I got home, I used Google Maps to see how far I had gone!  I was shocked and really excited!  And I’m walking so well!  I’m able to move my body from my lower back through my hips, which is great because a little more than a week ago I couldn’t move at all – my muscles had spasmed and seized up so tightly that moving was impossible.  I can’t believe I can move.  I wake up so excited because it’s another day without pain.  I’m always thanking God for this gift.
I know this might not sound exactly how I intended it, but I’m going to say it and hope I’m clear enough and you are intuitive enough (I believe you are, otherwise I would not say it…) to know what I mean.  After my accident, of course I tried to drive more carefully.  But with all the pain I experienced, I also felt like I didn’t have much to lose if I were involved in another accident.  I realize, of course, that this kind of thinking is not logical.  I got that.  *Little smile, wink.*  But now that I’m feeling better, I feel like I have my life back.  And I don’t want to waste it.  I’m more inclined to really care about maintaining my health now that I feel good.  I’m also inclined to drive even more carefully, now that I feel like I do have something to lose.  I’m more likely to structure my time and use it wisely, and to be diligent in my work (whatever that may be…housework, job searching, etc.).  I have life and energy and will and drive and personality! 
I want to use these things to help others and to make a difference.  I don’t want to waste my life by spending it on frivolous things like big houses or souped-up computers or fancy cars and expensive stuff.  I don’t want to waste my time with things that will burn up or be destroyed or not cared for when I die.  When you evaluate your life, what determines whether you spend it well or squandered it?  Isn’t it whether or not you invested your life and time into other people, into relationships, and that you followed God?  What else is there?  You can’t take your money with you.  You leave behind all you’ve worked on during your lifetime.  Your money is no longer yours – it gets divided up among younger people who will use it for their own purposes.  You leave nothing but either a legacy or a lack of the same.  And that legacy is tied to other peoples’ lives.  (Case closed.)  *Smile.*

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