October 1, 2008

What Is Mercy?

Posted in Prayer Request, Update at 2:48 am by Sarah Bosse

A thought just hit my heart.
“What does it mean to have and show mercy?”
I have been asking God for mercy during my prayer times.  So, if I recognize that God is merciful and that I am to be like Christ, who was the best example of Mercy the universe has ever known, then I need to know what it means to be merciful.

Mercy means not receiving something negative that I deserve.  I deserve God’s wrath, but instead I receive His kindness – this is mercy.  

Am I merciful to my boss who is never content?  Do I ask him how I can improve my work and invite his criticism with open ear?  Do I give him a smile because Christ would have smiled and welcomed me?  Do I do my best because I work for Jesus instead of working for man?

Do I occasionally do my work in such a way that I know will get under my boss’s skin?  Do I care more about what my boss thinks than about what God thinks?  Do I grumble or complain to other coworkers about my boss’s attitude and criticize him behind his back?


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