October 1, 2008

Prayer for Grampy

Posted in Poetry at 3:17 am by Sarah Bosse

Come be his grace
When his futile grace ends.
Come be his all-surpassing peace
When his peace is shattered again.

Be his strong tower,
The refuge he seeks.
Be his courage, Lord,
And bring him relief.

Come quickly Lord!
We need your strength and grace.
Come quickly Lord!
Show us your face in this place.

“Your mercies are new every morning” says your Word.
And Your Word is the lamp that illuminates Your face.
Guide us by Your Spirit to the river of mercy and grace
Which flows by green pastures and mountains with peace.
We will drink freely, without charge, of the love you bestow.
And as we lift You up, with Your Spirit our hearts overflow.

Come now O Lord,
Sole giver of Life.
Revive and heal
Our hearts, our lives.

We wait on You
With baited breath.
We trust You
Through the faith You give.
We worship you;
You give and take away.
We praise you, Lord;
The One who saves!

TGG 5.10.06

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