October 1, 2008


Posted in Poetry at 3:14 am by Sarah Bosse

While a traveling OTA sounds pretty OK,
God knows I’d rather be back in Indiana PA.
If I find a job there, and I hope that’s my fate,
I’ll be back as soon as I graduate!
But for now I’m alone, stuck in Winterville NC,
Where it’s winter all year long, just as cold as can be.
But with Grannie and Grampy it’s warm, the sun’s shining.
And oh, how this little heart just keeps right on pining.
Sometimes I wonder if I did the right thing.
Am I supposed to be here, or was it some pipe dream?
All my friends are getting married, and there’s no one here for me.
Oh help me, Lord, help me, see this situation clearly.
Tired and worn out, not sure where the anvil will land next.
Feathers Feathers Feathers, please cover me in Your nest.
Often this chickadee chirps an awful little note
Before she ever stopped to think and put her foot down her throat,
The anvil’s cord is being frayed bit by bit so that it might tare
Till gravity wins and it seems the chickadee will have quite a scare.
But she should remember the Feathers that cover her head,
That protect her when she’s awake, at work, and even asleep in bed.
Bickering and shouting and coarse joking all the time.
Is there ever a place where one can find peace of mind?
Maybe someday I’ll have a nice way to end these lines in rhyme;
A happy ending, a prince charming story…but for now I’m biding my time.
People say you can look back on the past with 20/20 vision.
At this time, to be honest, I’m just trying to avoid a collision.

TGG 3.15.06

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