October 1, 2008

Our Dance

Posted in Poetry at 3:03 am by Sarah Bosse

My Sweetest and Dearest Grannie,
Come join me in my crannies!
We’ll laugh and play and sing a lot…
Then sit down for a serious talk.

We’ll have our moments with tears and sadness
But Joy will come and give us great gladness.
We can sing His praises for hours on end
And then when we’re finished, we’ll just start again.

We can dance in the crannies where the bright Light shines through
Then pick up our buckets and cleanser and go to
Where the Light has been dimmed by our sin and our nature
He will help us come clean with His tender blood cleanser.

When He fills our hearts with such lovely delight
We will practice our praise both through day and through night
He delights in the praise of His saints at all times,
Requiring that we serve Him—that was His design.

We will walk through the valleys void of fear and alarm
Knowing that He will lead us safely on.
What can man do to the children of God?
He who loves them will carry them safe and strong.

On the mountain peaks we will sing, “Great is our God!”
We will fall to our knees and give glory to the Lord.
Why did He choose for us those trials in the valley?
So that our reflections might mirror His in eternity!

TGG 11.28.03

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