October 1, 2008

Lost Song of the Songbird

Posted in Poetry at 3:27 am by Sarah Bosse

That song is gone, that song I loved
The song I used to sing to the Lord above
It’s been drowned out, muffled by the World
Will it come back after the World from me I’ve hurled?

What sweet melodious harmonies once filled the air
The joyous tones that once many did hear
Not only from the tongue, not only from the lips
But from the heart and life and blood did this song persist

The songbird has lots it’s ability to sing
It sits quietly, strangely, in the bush
There is no song to scare the hunters away
No desire or fight left to keep the evil ones at bay

Come back, sweet song and fill me again
Let heart and life sing louder than lips and tongue
May songs of tongue and heart congrue
To match harmony with melody in four-four time and two

Songbird, little songbird
Take to the heavenly blue skies
Fly, fly little songbird
Catch beams of light ‘tween your wings as you glide

TGG  5.14.07  11:10pm


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  1. Emily said,

    i love it. thanks for sharing.

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