October 1, 2008

Flying Away

Posted in Poetry at 3:18 am by Sarah Bosse

I thought I would buy a kite today…
So that it would carry me away…
That it might lift me up in the air,
And take me to Indiana;
Free air fare!!

A little kite,
A dollar or two,
And of course I’d bring with me
Some extra string and Elmer’s glue.

But when I got to the store,
In my pockets I could find
Only a penny and a nickel,
And a couple of dimes.

So it seems I won’t
Be arriving today;
I’ll put my change in my jar
And continue to pray.

I’ll pray for northeastern wind
And I’ll pray for a kite.
But certainly I’ll also pray
For a safe flight.

I would have landed on the roof
As a special mother’s day gift.
But my dream, it just sort of went poof,
And so we’re still stuck with this rift.

Happily, however, I can imagine my kite…
With a 10 point touch-down landing in your yard.
It would be bright happy colors, with a chickadee,
And I’d attach a new pack of cards to bring you some glee.

For now I must be content,
Though I miss you so very much.
Sometimes I feel I could lament,
But instead I’ll be glad we can keep in touch.

TGG 5.13.06

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