August 13, 2008

Women Discussing A Hair Do

Posted in Poetry, Stories at 5:19 pm by Sarah Bosse

Women discussing a hair do:
Friend: “Oh, Harriet! That style is so complimentary to your features! It makes you look thinner. I definitely like your hair shorter…”
Harriet: “Well, thanks. But I thought it made my butt look bigger….”
Friend: “How could your butt look big? Mine is soooo much bigger and flabbier…”
Harriet: “But you certainly do hide it well.”
Friend: “Oh, thanks…
Harriet: “Now what do you think about the color?…Does it accentuate my short neck?”
Friend: “No, not at all…and the color is just right. Nothing fits you better than strawberry blonde with a light frost.”
Harriet: “Maybe I will have to buy a new outfit to match the hair!…”
Friend: “Most certainly! And do show off the ….”
(The conversation continues…………………….)

Men discussing the same:

TGG (Date unknown)


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