August 13, 2008

The Gardeners

Posted in Poetry at 5:11 pm by Sarah Bosse

I once sat with Grannie on too big lawn chairs,
In the middle of her back yard, laying my heart bare.
The birds would chirp and twitter, teaching us their tune.
The ants would carry heavy loads in rows two-by-tow.
The sun would beat down, and we would turn red.
I forgot the sun block – we will be toast instead.

God whispered in the wind that wrapped itself around tree branches.
He soared on His eagle wings over us in protection.
The enemy was close at bay but Jesus Christ made him stay away
So that the work of the Spirit in my heart would not be quenched or torn apart.
Those days were tender and filled with heartache, but how delicious the eternal fruit.
God and Grannie gardeners to till, plant, water, and grow.
On Judgment Day we will see what it was they sowed.

My job is quite simple – to listen and obey,
But how I wish it were easily lived each and every day.
God had not held back His working hand from my heart.
It is only me who can stop the change He would impart.
So hear the prayers, Lord, of the Gardeners and this soul’s soil.
For how can the soil till or water itself?
My soul will find delight in the laws of the Lord.
His laws shall be my refreshment and my cool water,
My meditation day and night.

Though the prowler seeks to accuse during the day and late hours of the night,
My soul will find rest in Your assurance of salvation and Your unfailing love.
Put off all fright and fret, and seek the Lord where He may be found,
In those quiet moments as He tills and fertilizes the ground.

I’m grateful for all Grannie has been in my life,
Despite my large contribution of pain and of strife.
She has borne with me by the grace of God,
And loved the unlovable with love from Above.

Perhaps once or twice in a lifetime does God bless with friends so dear.
I gratefully submit our friendship to God for as many years as we have here.
I never thought a mother could ever be my best friend.
I never thought one would love me so deeply though human blood has no bond.

Praise God for the blood that washes our sins and brings us together to the Cross before Him!
Praise Him for His mercies and His faithfulness to untrustworthy Israel whom He restores continually.
The Lord is great and greatly to be praised, so let us sing together of His Majesty.
In accordance with His Word, let us seek the Giver of good things, and let us not rest until we have received.

All blessings come from the Father of heavenly lights, so we depend on Him for every breath, every year, every bit of health and life.
He knows our days, He knows how we are made – He made us out of dust and clay, and we submit to Him all that we are each day.
So let the Earth and all that is in it rejoice and sing to the great King, who will lead His people safely Home at last.
As we look down through the ages past and into the future while the human race lasts, we see His providence and justice moving forth, to pronounce judgment on objects of wrath and mercy on those He chose before the foundations were laid.
It is by grace that we are saved!

May the ants continue to lift their loads and the Christians continue to carry their crosses.
May the birds keep tweeting and the Christians continue singing.
May the Spirit still whisper and the Christian soul still respond.
May the sun not refuse to shine and warm the Christian with delight
Who in turn shines forth in a darkened world with the Light of Christ to bring the dead to life.

TGG   3.21.08  8:35am

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