August 13, 2008

Oh For A Thousand Tongues

Posted in Hymns / Songs / Lyrics at 5:13 pm by Sarah Bosse

My heart aches as in friendship I share your sorrow.
My spirit cries a prayer in tongues for God to hear.
My voice sings praises and lamentations during the day.
My eyes read the pages of His Word to cast the fears away.

His will, His plan, His mighty hand,
They work together at His great command.
He, the Great I Am and Humble Lamb.
He, the Son of God and Son of Man.
He, the Word Made Flesh, the Three-In-One.
He, the Father, Holy Spirit, Son.

Who speaks through thunder and blesses through rain.
Who allows grievous sin that redemption might result.
Who gives for His glory and our eternal good.
Who takes away to produce steadfastness and faith.

Rest all your confidences in the Lord,
For He is good and His love endures forever.
Sing praise to Him as did David with song and lyre,
Presenting longings with tribute to God’s faithfulness.

The Lion of Judah watches from the hill.
The Shepherd of the wayward flock steady leads on still.
The armies of the Lord stand ready at His command.
The earth quakes and shudders when He speaks forth His perfect plan.

I lift up my prayers to the One who knows us each before our birth.
This God, all-wise, who formed us in disguise, concealing His handiwork.
Our strengths and weaknesses He knows full well – He planned them all along.
To make us weak in ourselves and strong in Him alone.

TGG 1.21.08 10:50pm

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