August 13, 2008

Moving On And Moving Up

Posted in Poetry, Stories at 5:24 pm by Sarah Bosse

I would simply like to thank you for all that you have done.
My goodness…in four years, how far we have come.
God has been with us during the whole trip,
Leading us and guiding us and catching us when we slipped.

We have had some tough times, individually and shared.
Sometimes we have had tears and felt twinges of despair.
But we have pointed to God’s truths and been uplifted and encouraged.
Father has been faithful to us during this faith-building period.

You’ve been so kind to me, to adopt me into your family.
I have really been outdone by your sincere generosity.
You have loved me from the beginning, through both the thick and thin.
How could I thank you? Where should I begin?

Now we’re moving on and moving up
With great expectations and continuous prayers of hope.
We’re praying for jobs and making college decisions,
But unlike four years ago, we now trust more in His provision.

Sometimes I’m still afraid;
I don’t know how I’ll make it on my own.
So your job is to remind me that God won’t let me go alone.

When I’m 40, 50, and 60, you’ll still have a place in my heart;
A special place deep down that says “Thank you for what you impart.”
To your work here on earth, an end you will not see
Until the Master comes to lovingly take thee.

And when the day comes that we are separated for a second,
I’ll sing and dance to God with predominant joy
As I think of your relief from sin and sickness
And long for my own homecoming quickness.

Yes, it’s been an interesting road we have traveled so far.
I am grateful for every mile and every healing scar.
You have been such blessings to my life by your example.
I thank God and I thank you for your love abundant and ample.

TGG 1.23.05

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