August 13, 2008

Lilac Bushes and Chickadees

Posted in Poetry at 5:26 pm by Sarah Bosse

Lilac bushes and chickadees,
Card games and sweet movies,
Fresh-baked bread and flying Frisbees.

Football games with our personal cheerleader,
Patriot shirts causing riots in church,
Harry I and Harry two,
Ono putting in a few.

Folding chairs and sunburns,
Ants carrying burdens…sunblock,
Bundles of conviction in grace-wrapped packages,
Burnt and crunchy pizza flavored with love.

A corner of safety,
A couch of comfort,
A place for my heart to call home,
Bear hugs and snuggles for Snooksies.

Ironed pajamas and fresh clean laundry,
Distressed phone calls ending in sighs of relief,
A car door opened by a man of chivalry,
A backpack lifted from my shoulders when weary
(And when not…).

E-cards that make me laugh,
Blue eyes that speak what words cannot express,
Acceptance without reserve or rejection
That wonderful security of love and protection.

Wisdom and discernment in things both great and small,
Unashamed reverence for the Word of God in all,
A desire to see the Lord’s will fulfilled each day,
Faith and trust in God that reaches beyond the world’s understanding.

TGG 4.11.05


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  1. anujjha said,

    well it is a great piece of poetry …. it clearly represent ur view of thing for so many objects be it differents incidents mentioned by u…. well such poetry represents authors want of need of something which he or she is yearning of….


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