August 13, 2008

Heart Walk 2005

Posted in Poetry at 5:16 pm by Sarah Bosse

For all who have lost a loved one
For all who have felt helpless as they kept vigil night and day
For all who never gave in when their own day seemed grim
For all who never expected it would end this way

My HEART goes out to the hearts that have fallen
My HEART goes out to those still fighting to live
My HEART keeps beating and I’m so grateful
That today my HEART can beat so others might have a chance to live

These are the soldiers of our century
These are the men, women and children brave
Stand up, Stand Up America!
Walk proud and give and save!

Walk with determination
Walk with remembrance
Walk with hope and love
Walk with gratefulness

This life we are given is but a breath of air
It comes and it goes…and it is no longer here
Make it count.  Make it right.  Make it last.
Think about the end outcome
What kind of legacy will you leave behind…
When your New Day has begun?

TGG  09.30.2005

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