August 13, 2008

Eternal Wings

Posted in Poetry at 5:21 pm by Sarah Bosse

Grandmothers have wings,
Yes, I’ve known it all along.
And my Grandmother’s wings
Always hold me safe and strong.
And when the wind blows
and as the trees sway,
My Grandmother is there
Every step of the way.
When the night is dark
and I’m lost and alone,
I can call for Grandma
who will direct me back Home.
She knows my Father,
Our ever-faithful Friend.
She reminds me of His mercies
That will never end.
And then she points me to His throne
To see His face shining down on me
Where I know I am accepted and never alone,
For God’s child forever I will be!
And Oh the blessings He has given us;
One to another to share in His tenderness
That we might learn each day to trust
All the more in his eternal promises.
To the shelter of His wings
we flit, we float, we flock, we fly,
Wanting only to be held safe and warm
In the wings of our Savior, our Lord on High.

TGG 10.13.03


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