August 9, 2008

My Testimony

Posted in Stories at 2:43 pm by Sarah Bosse

Please feel free to share your testimony below in the “comment” area! Other readers may be mutually encouraged by your willingness to share and testify to the goodness of God in your life! Thank you!

As a child, I had heard bits and pieces of the Gospel. And I had grown up with parents and church-goers telling me that I was “saved” because I had always been significantly involved in whatever church I was a part of at the time. Activity and ministry involvement was somehow synonymous with “righteous lifestyle” and the assumption that if I was serving in the church, I was also trusting God with my life. Serving on church worship teams and participating in youth groups was a great cover-up for the mountains of sin in my life. Moving frequently provided a second layer of protection, as nobody ever knew me well enough to confront what areas of sin might have been evident.

In my late teen years and first two years of adulthood, I had very little passion for God. He was a name on a t-shirt, a stick-figure fish on my bumper. I was in a Sovereign Grace church in Indiana, Pennsylvania for the first time, and I met an older couple who became mentors, and then adopted grandparents to me. I call them “Gran and Gramps”. Gran spent countless hours sitting in the back yard with me as we talked about ants, birds, outer space, and issues of the heart. With grace given by God alone, and with the careful skill of a surgeon, Gran would dissect my heart and reveal areas of sin in my life. I reacted strongly and stormed off in a rage after almost every visit – but I always came back. God was working on me, prodding my conscience – and what she had to say was strangely irresistible. This was the first time anyone had been willing to tell me the truth even though doing so risked the loss of a cherished relationship.

There was another relationship in my life at that time – one that had replaced God’s ownership of my heart. I was in a serious relationship with a man for three years by the time I was 19. God was convicting me of sin in this relationship, and in my heart I heard God saying, “You can have the relationship with this man and continue to walk away from Me, away from My guidance, direction, and protection. Or you can forsake that relationship and walk with Me, following My way. You cannot profess to be a Christian and yet not live it out – you deceive yourself if you think you can. You cannot have your way and My way at the same time.” A decision had to be made. After explaining my convictions, I soon broke off the relationship with the man I had come so close to marrying. It was the hardest decision I had ever made, but my convictions were firmly established, and for the first time I actually did something according to the Lord’s plans instead of my own. My heart now belonged to the Lord!

Since that day in 2003, there have been many hills and valleys in my spiritual walk. But I’ve seen God’s faithfulness, grace, and love in the most difficult circumstances of my life. It’s by grace that I’ve been saved!

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