August 9, 2008

Elisabeth Elliott Daily Devotional 08.09.2008

Posted in Devotionals at 1:39 pm by Sarah Bosse

Elisabeth Elliot’s Daily Devotional
Elisabeth Elliot

Title: In the Stocks, Singing

In the past few days my husband and I have experienced the sudden arrest of activity that had been one form of our service to God. We are prevented from continuing. We are uncertain as to why this has happened and what we are to do.
Paul and Silas were arrested while they were proclaiming the gospel in Philippi and put into stocks. Not only was their work halted altogether, but they themselves were physically immobilized in a dungeon, held fast in stocks. What strange treatment for two earnest servants of God! What did they do? It would be quite understandable if they had raged or wept or sunk into depressed silence. Instead, they continued what for them had long since become habitual–they continued “at their prayer,” and sang praises to God.
To the frantic question, What do we do now? there is a very simple reply: Pray and sing.

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