August 7, 2008

Do You Believe?

Posted in Hymns / Songs / Lyrics, Poetry, prophecy at 4:21 pm by Sarah Bosse

I want to provide some background before posting the lyrics to this song. I went to New Attitude 2008 this year, and one of the messages that spoke most clearly to me came from a prophetic word delivered in song by Bob Kauflin about living with chronic pain. This song is so close to my heart and addresses the issues I’m often unable to discuss with other people.

Do You Believe

Do you believe that I know what is best?
Do you believe that I’ve chosen you for this test?
Though you may not understand it
Though you may not have a clue
I’ve designed what you’re going through just for you

I’ve heard the questions that you’ve asked me
When you wonder if I care
My promises are trustworthy
You can know I’ll be there

My son knows your weaknesses
Suffered in your place
He took the pain that you deserved
So that you could know my grace

There will be a day
When there’ll be no more pain
Look upon my face
And know the trial was worth it

All the things I do
I’m working now in you
To trust me, to know me, to believe me, to love me
To draw close to you

And If I heal you
I can heal you
I have power to turn this around
If you don’t see healing until you see me
Anything can be changed

You wonder if I know what is best
I’ve chosen you for this test
My grace is sufficient for all that you need
My grace will lead you to me

Bob Kauflin, Prophetic Word, New Attitude 2008



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