August 7, 2008

Darkness : Light

Posted in Poetry at 4:03 pm by Sarah Bosse

The pain

The incomparable starkness
Of the unmentionable darkness
The unrelenting sharpness
That divides body and soul

The thorn in my flesh
That will give me no rest
And daily puts me to the test
To see if I will sink below

Blacker than night
This darkness I fight
Only One can make it right
And restore the peace I want to know

Here I come
I humbly bow
Before the King of Kings
Right now

Turn my darkness into brightest white
For to You, darkness is as light
Ah what a beautiful sight
To see Your hand working through my night

I know that You have said
You are the lifter of my head
And even on my deathbed
I will find life again

And the thorn that pierced so deeply
And made me gasp and weep – see!
It fits perfectly into the holes of His pierced hands!

For there is no rose that is born
Without the presence of a thorn
Though my body may be worn
My spirit will surely be reborn

So Lord be glorified this way
As you make night shine bright as day
And give strength to help me today
Keep following You in Your way

One day this terrifying sadness
Will be replaced with rapturous gladness
And this situation I thought madness
Will proclaim His handiwork

He brings rivers into the wilderness
Cool waters that dispel the dryness
I come quickly without shyness
To reap of His loving-kindness

By Sarah M. Bossé for Elaine Kinney  July 3, 2008


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